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Anne 'Juniper' Cross ([personal profile] juniper) wrote2010-03-06 10:34 pm

Not done yet. Stupid edits...

The problem with Easter Lilies and Imaginary Angels is that the durn story wrote itself in one glorious blat, so all edits to this thing are sheer drudgery by comparison.

Also, BRAWL pointed out a number of flaws that I really needed to address, and it was only by dint of walking away from the computer and brainstorming furiously and messily all over over a piece of paper tonight that I finally got anywhere with this blasted thing.

In this case, the 'anywhere' I got to is a much better understanding of the protagonist, a much clearer idea of how she got to where she is from the start of the story...

...and the last third of the blasted thing still to edit.

I give up. I've used up all the creativity juice for the night.