juniper: Typing at a computer. (writing)
Anne 'Juniper' Cross ([personal profile] juniper) wrote2010-05-13 10:35 pm

Oo, yay. Unstuck in the head.

I'm stuck on Zytomancy right now because of the rewrite of Iron Debt's outline - I should just decouple it and swap the protagonist to be somebody else, it doesn't have to be the character from Debt, but that's what I wrote at first. The more perplexing problem is "What does he do with his answer?" I haven't answered that yet, so the story is still in the pile.

But I got about 1000 words written today (about 400 of which are outliny description bits) for a story tentatively titled The Things In Lybob Forest, so I am not at all displeased. That one will potentially go to my writer's group if we meet this month, because I'm probably due up.