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Anne 'Juniper' Cross ([personal profile] juniper) wrote2010-06-18 11:11 pm

I just rewrote _Sufficiently Advanced Printing_ again.

Or finished the rewrite rewrite. I can't believe I was submitting that thing. What a piece of junk. Granted, it was the first thing I actually successfully did BRAWL rewrites on, but ugh, no wonder it was collecting rejection letters.

I mean, it's *still* going to collect rejection letters, but at least now it's less deserving of them.

Fly, little story. Try to find a nest that's *not* feathered with rejections...
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[personal profile] kaifu 2010-06-19 04:10 am (UTC)(link)
Rewriting is a pain, but on the plus side, this means that you're improving as a writer and editor, if you're looking back at a story, seeing ickyness and being able to fix it. Yay!