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Saturday, August 8th, 2009 09:47 pm
Today was a beautiful, beautiful day. I thought I was going out early, but ended up ambushed by a nap where I dreamed about writing with a friend of mine.

Mildly inspired by that and the beautiful weather, I girded on my lumbar pack, complete with laptop, trekked down to my favorite pub, got a couple of pints of hard cider, and started writing. While I had been walking, as it is a bit of a hike, I'd been thinking, "I want to write a short story about the protagonist from River's Wath, preferably set before Iron Debt, just so that I can establish that she has been Doing Things." I started thinking about what she might have been doing, and since it's a proper walk, I had enough time to come up with something of a premise.

About 2000 words after I started, I realized there was a wait at the door for seats, so I got up, picked up my laptop, and went over to my favorite local place to get chocolate, and got mocha and a chocolate croissant, and wrote the rest of it. It clocks in at about 3400 words, which isn't bad at all for not having even had a story idea when I started walking.

It's still in first draft format - very, very rough - but Easter Lilies and Imaginary Angels is now written. This is the very first story I've ever written in a single go, which is quite startling to me.

There will be a great deal of editing, I suspect. But I'm not unpleased at all. Or as one of my friends who makes things for a living says on a regular basis, "I'm not embarrassed."


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